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Hôtel L'Orée du Bois FouesnantHôtel L'Orée du Bois FouesnantHôtel L'Orée du Bois Fouesnant


At Hotel l'Orée du Bois you can enjoy a continental breakfast in the restaurant toom, out on the terrace, but also in your room. 


Taste the varied continental breakfast: hot drinks, fruit juice, fresh orange juice, fresh baked bread and pastried, brioche, dairy products, fruit, cereals, fruit salads, cheese, cooked meats.


The hearty continental breakfast is served from 7.30am to 11am and from 8am during weekends. 

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Hotel l'Orée du Bois - Plage des Glénan - Hôtel L'Orée du Bois Fouesnant

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